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96 Well White Plate with clear bottom, PS/PS, TC treated, Sterile, 5 inner pack /25cs


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White plate / clear bottom. Sterile. Ideal plates for obtaining amplified signals in a luminescence assays while minimizing cross-talk. The highly transparent bottom provides an optimal environment for microscopic observation.

Optimized surface technology for cell attachment and microscopic observation.

Tissue Culture Treated for cell adhesion & attachment providing an ideal proliferation environment.

▪ White Wall & topside (PS) / Clear Bottom
▪ Bottom material: Optically Clear PS
▪ Designed to prevent cross contamination
▪ Effective gas exchange lid inner design
▪ Alphanumeric labeling

▪ Sterile 5/pack
▪ Non – pyrogenic
▪ Non – cytotoxic
▪ DNase / RNase – free
▪ Human DNA – free

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