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CellPro™ Syringe Filters

Syringe Filters • Non-Sterile Packaged in bag of 100, STERILE are individually wrapped and 50/Pk • Membranes made out of Polyethersulfone or Polyvinylidenflouride • Non Sterile PVDF and PES Syringe Filters can be sterilized by autoclave at 125℃ for 15 minutes. 

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Product Name Cat # Price Qty
CellPro™ Syringe Filter, PES 25mm, 0.2µm, STERILE, Individually Wrapped, 50/Pk TE20-S
CellPro™ Syringe Filter, PES 25mm, 0.45µm, STERILE, Individually Wrapped, 50/Pk TE45-S
In-Line House Vaccum Filter, PES Housing 50mm, Pore 0.22µm, STERILE, Individually Wrapped, 25/Pk TE50-S
CellPro™ Syringe Filter, PVDF 25mm, 0.2µm, STERILE, Individually Wrapped, 50/Pk TV21-S
CellPro™ Syringe Filter, PVDF 25mm, 0.45µm, STERILE, Individually Wrapped, 50/Pk TV46-S
In-Line House Vacuum Filter, PTFE Housing 50mm, Pore 0.22µm, STERILE, Hydrophobic, Individually Wrapped, 25/Pk TT50-S

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Product Description


These Syringe Filters consists of a plastic housing with a membrane which serves as a filter for fluids. The filter is designed to press fluid through the syringe filter.


• Ultrasonic Welded • 25mm Filter Diameter for volumes between 10-100mL• Filter Inlet: Luer Lock Female, Filter Outlet: Luer Male

• Maximum operating pressure for 25mm is 7Bar, recommended to use syringe sizes of 3mL or larger

• Pore Size of 0.20 µm optimal for sterile filtration or 0.45 µm optimal for thorough cleaning

• PVDF, Polyvinylideneflouride Characteristics:

Hydrophilic membrane with good solvent resistance. Low UV absorbing extractables and low non-specific binding Applications: PVDF is used for general biological filtration, and filtration of samples where high protein recovery is desired. It has slight hydrophilic properties and can be used for clear filtration and sterilization of aqueous solutions

• PES, Polyethersulfone Characteristics:

High flow rates with good throughput volume. Low protein binding. Compatible with high temperature liquids. Mechanically strong membrane low in extractable ions.


PES is certified for ion chromatography, tissue culture filtration, filtration of proteins and nucleic acids Polyethersulfone membranes are hydrophilic and have low protein adorption. They are primarily used for aqueous or partially organic media (pH 2-12) in pharmaceutical and biological sample preparation. Please give customer service a call if you need assistance determining the ability of PES or PVDF to withstand exposure to a particular solvent.

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