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Cell Culture Flasks, T25, T75 & T175, Vented Cap

T25, T75 & T175 Cell Culture Flasks
• Easy access of serological pipettes and cell scrapers
• High Optical Clarity
• Vented or Plugged Cap Cell Culture Flasks
• Gamma Sterilized, Pyrogen Free
• Vented/Filter Cap is Tissue Culture Treated

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Product Name Cat # Price Qty
25cm² Cell Culture Flasks, 50ML, Vented, TC Treated, 5/Sleeve, 200/Cs TV0025
75cm² Cell Culture Flasks, 250ML, Vented, TC Treated, 5/Sleeve, 100/Cs TV0075
175cm² Cell Culture Flasks, Vented, TC Treated, 750ML, 5/Sleeve, 40/Cs TV0175

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Product Description


T25, T75 & T175 Cell culture flasks from ASI™ are perfect for both short-term and long-term cultures of primary and secondary generation subcultures of cells. Their ergonomic design allows you to easily manipulate the cell cultures while keeping the contamination risk to a minimum at all times.

These cell culture flasks are safe for use in all CO2 incubators, even for long-term usage.

All of our flasks are fully tested for integrity and resistance to pressure, as well as properly tested against any leaking problems.

Cell culture flasks fitted with vented caps are tissue culture treated, while cell culture flasks fitted with plug caps are not. However, both vented and plugged flasks are sterilized through the use of gamma irradiation. 

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