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Cell Culture Plates

• Optically Clear for Microscopy
• Individually Packaged with Lid
• Pyrogen Free
• Gamma Sterilized
• Tissue Culture Treated
• USP class VI tested
• QTY: 50/Pack (120/Pack for 4 Well Plates, individually wrapped in quantities of 4.)

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Product Name Cat # Price Qty
4 Well Cell Culture Plates (120/Cs) TP9004
6 Well Cell Culture Plates (50/Cs) TP9006
12 Well Cell Culture Plates (50/Cs) TP9012
24 Well Cell Culture Plates (50/Cs) TP9024
48 Well Cell Culture Plates (50/Cs) TP9048
96 Well Cell Culture Plates (50/Cs) TP9096
384 Well Cell Culture Plate, clear, flat bottom, TC, sterile 1/pack, 100/cs TP384
96 Multi Well Culture Plate, Non-Treated, PS, WHITE, for ELISA or Cell culture, 85.4x127.6mm, F-type, 50/case TPW96
CellPro™ 96 Well Cell Culture Plate, V-Bottom, 1/sterile inner pack, 100/Case TPN9094
CellPro™ 96 Well ROUND BOTTOM Cell TC Treated Culture Plates w/Lid (100/Cs) TPN9095

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Product Description


The cell culture plates from ASI can be used for varied tasks, from simple cell cultures growth experiments to more complex operations such as studies on cell and tissue cloning, isolation of viruses and bacteria, or in vitro tests and experiments.

These cell culture plates come in various sizes, so that you can identify the best suitable option for your research with ease. You can select from our 4-well, 6-well, 12-well, 24-well, 48-well or 96-well culture plates. The products are produced from high quality polystyrene and feature a consistant design – the main differences are in terms of the size of the cell growth area and the volume of the wells.

In the production of the cell culture plates and tissue culture plates we use as raw material only the best quality research grade polystyrene, an amorphous material which is optically clear, extremely resilient, rigid and has a very high heat and chemical resistance when compared to other plastics, these properties making it ideal for laboratory research activities and microscopic observations.

You will notice the ridges which will help make handling the product easier by giving you a very strong grip over the product, with the purpose of avoiding any spills or accidents. All of our cell culture plates are fitted with lids that allow the adequate levels of gas exchange, while reducing evaporation of the media and the risk of contamination for your cell cultures to a minimum. The design of the lid is asymmetrical, ensuring the lid is oriented correctly when placed on top of the plate. In order to minimize the risk of cross-contamination through condensation, the lids are equipped with well separations. Additionally, the lid design allows you to easily stack the cell culture plates together, thus minimizing the amount of precious space they take on your worktable or in an incubator.

The wells are round and their surfaces are flat, thus allowing for uniform culture settlement, and the design of the cell culture plates include spaces between the wells which will help you avoid the risk of cross-contamination for your samples in the event of a spill.

The bottom of the plates feature uniform thickness in order to allow visualization of the cells without any distortions, and you will find this feature to be extremely useful when examining cultures through a microscope.

The cell culture plates from ASI were created, designed and produced for your convenience, and for this reason we have inscribed clear alpha numerical codes on the sides and between the wells, so that you can easily identify your cell cultures and track their evolution. These alpha numeric codes are placed in such a manner as to allow you to easily spot the position of the well on the plate.

We deliver only the best quality products to our customers. We take your needs seriously, which is why our products are sterilized and pyrogen free. Our cell culture plates undergo gamma ray sterilization procedures in order to prevent contamination, and are certified pyrogen free, as they are manufactured in special settings and using specific procedures which prevent any bacterial deposits being created on the products. Additionally, all of these plates go through tissue culture surface treatment in order to improve cell adherence

Our cell culture plates are the optimal solution for your research and for any laboratory. These plates were designed to allow not only manual handling, but also automated handling. Their dimensions make them suitable for all culture plate instruments commonly found in a laboratory eliminating worry about potential incompatibility issues.

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