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Universal Soft Touch Fit Pipette Tips, Racked, Non-Sterile, 960/PK


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Universal Soft Touch Fit filter pipette tips represent an innovative solution for a wide range of pipettors, thanks to their clever dual-material construction. The pliable, color-coded connector not only forms a secure seal but also minimizes the effort needed when attaching and detaching the tips, making your pipetting tasks more efficient and comfortable.

These cutting-edge tips incorporate an integrated filter, effectively safeguarding your pipettor and, consequently, your samples from potential aerosol and liquid contamination. Crafted from two distinct resins, Universal Soft Touch Fit tips combine a soft, color-coded upper collar with a robust, ultra-clear polypropylene body. This unique design not only ensures a secure seal but also reduces the force required compared to traditional single-resin polypropylene tips.

Universal Soft Touch Fit tips are particularly well-suited for multichannel pipettors, where they excel in reducing wear and extending the lifespan of your pipettor equipment. Their versatility and performance make them an essential tool for any laboratory.

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