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Radiant™ Probe Hi-ROX qPCR Kits

• Novel hot-start chemistry for improved specificity and sensitivity
• Next-generation PCR buffer formulations for maximum PCR efficiency and reaction speed
• Broad range detection for increased reliability in low-copy assays
• Versatile 2X mixes, suitable for both ultra-fast and standard cycling methods

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Product Name Cat # Price Qty
Radiant™ Probe Hi-ROX qPCR Kit, 100 x 20µl Reactions, 1 x 1mL QP8001
Radiant™ Probe Hi-ROX qPCR Kit, 500 x 20µl Reactions, 5 x 1mL QP8005
Radiant™ Probe Hi-ROX qPCR Kit, 2000 x 20µl Reactions, 20 x 1mL QP8020
Radiant™ Probe Hi-ROX qPCR Kit, 10,000 x 20µl Reactions, 100 x 1mL QP8100

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Product Description


Alkali Scientific offers Radiant™ Probe Hi-ROX qPCR Kits, a high-performance portfolio of 2X ready-to-use real-time PCR reagents designed for best-in-class quantitative PCR. Radiant™ qPCR Kits are engineered for robust real-time PCR with earlier quantification cycle values (Ct), industry-leading sensitivity (increased limit of detection) and exceptional speed (rapid extension rates). The proprietary buffer system allows for highly efficient amplification of GC-rich and AT-rich sequences in addition to dramatic improvements in PCR sensitivity in low-copy assays and PCR conditions conducive to ultra-fast amplification. Furthermore, Radiant™ Probe Hi-ROX qPCR Kits are optimized for advanced multiplexing capability, delivering the same high efficiency, early Ct, and reaction speed even in complex multiplex assays.

Instrument Compatibility:

The Radiant™ Probe Hi-ROX qPCR Kit has been optimized for use with all probe chemistries including TaqMan™, FRET™, Scorpions and molecular beacon probes on qPCR instruments listed below. Each of these instruments has the capacity to analyze qPCR data with the passive reference signal either on or off.

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