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2500 Series Protective Overall Coverall Suit w/ hood & finger loops


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2500 Series Protective Coverall Coverall Suit with/Hood & Finger Loops Protective Apparel for Protection from Infectious Agents

Protective Apparel against infective agents has two main functions...
• to prevent infective agents from reaching the (possibly injured) skin
• to prevent the spreading of infective agents to other people

In many infection control situations i.e. microbiological laboratories; the infective agents can be contained and the risk of exposure limited to the occurrence of an accident. However, in other types of work i.e. sewage & waste water treatment, caring for infected animals, emergency clean-up; the organisms cannot be contained, exposing the worker continuously to the risk of infection by biological agents. In these situations the biological agents the worker is exposed to may not be known. Applications where workers can be exposed to biological agents
• Healthcare, hospitals, emergency services • Agriculture • Food Industry • Waste water treatment works, sewage systems work • Clinical, veterinary laboratories • Refuse disposal plants • Activities where there is contact with animals and/or products of animal originProtection from Bloodborne PathogensOccupational exposure to bloodborne pathogens is governed in the United States by Occupational Safety and Health Administration√¢ Ä ôs (OSHA) Bloodborne Pathogens regulation - 29 CFR 1910.1030. This regulation states that "personal protective equipment (PPE) is to considered appropriate only if it does not permit blood or other potentially infectious materials to pass through to or reach the employee√¢ Ä ôs work clothes, street clothes, undergarments, skin, eyes, mouth, or other mucous membranes under normal conditions of use and for the duration of time which the protective equipment will be used."Where specified, MICROCHEM ® by AlphaTecTM products have been tested in accordance with the following standards relevant to protection from infective agents and bloodborne pathogens: • EN 14126:2003 Performance requirements and tests methods for protective apparel against infective agents (Compliance with this standard is indicated by the Type approval hyphenated with the letter "B" e.g. Type 3-B) • ASTM F1671-07 Standard Test Method for Resistance of Materials Used in Protective Apparel to Penetration by Blood-Borne Pathogens. (Only tested if material passes the less stringent ASTM F1670 Standard Test for Resistance of Materials used in Protective Clothing to penetration by synthetic blood)


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