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ASI™ Cell Culture Flask Vented Cap, TC Treated

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Cell Culture Flask Vented Cap re ergonomically designed for easy handling, while achieving minimal contamination during cell culture. Short, wide and angled neck design enables easy access of serological pipettes and cell scrapers. Flasks are divided into 6 types, depending on the culture scale and the cap type. Cell growth area for T12.5, T25, T75, T175 and T225 are 12.5 cm², 25 cm², 75 cm², 175 cm² and 225 cm², respectively. Each flask can be provided with plug or filter caps.

Sizes 50mL, 250mL & 750mL

• Easy access of serological pipettes and cell scrapers
• High Optical Clarity
• Vented or Plugged Cap Cell Culture Flasks
• Gamma Sterilized, Pyrogen Free
• Vented/Filter Cap is Tissue Culture Treated


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