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ASI™ Standing Cell Culture Inserts, Polycarbonate (PC)


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Closely mimic desired in vivo environments, ASI™ Standing Cell Culture Inserts provide improved attachment, growth and differentiation of various cell types. With their permeable properties, inserts are convenient and effective tool for diverse research areas such as transportation and invasion assays. Specially selected track-etched membranes of three different pore sizes (0.4, 3.0 and 8.0 um) are utilized. Track-etched membranes ensure precise pore size distribution and consistent pore density, providing well-controlled experimental parameters.

Standing Insert Material = Polycarbonate (PC): stain-free, low background interference Applicable experiments: invasion, migration, transportation, drug uptake, epithelial polarization, chemotoxis, co-culture, toxicity studies and in vivo barrier modeling Distance from membrane to the bottom of the well: 6well Insert 0.91 mm, 24well Insert 0.85 mm  Nominal membrane thickness: 10 ~ 23 Frame material: Polystyrene (PS)  Packed in cell culture-treated cell culture plates  Non - pyrogenic Non - cytotoxicDNase / RNase - free Human DNA - free

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