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ASI™ Supreme Frosted Plus Microscope Slides

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Alkali Scientific Supreme Frosted Glass Microscope Slides are 75 x 25mm and 1.0mm thick. Their key feature is the frosted end on one side, which makes it easier to label them with pencils or pens than on other microscope glasses, as it is sand-blasted glass and not etched. These microscope slides are positively charged, to help in holding thin …

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The main advantage of the frosted glass microscope slides is that it allows quick and flexible labeling.

The quality of the frosted glass microscope slides is very important, because it determines the success of your research. Alkali Scientific's slides have been carefully designed to the dimensions and qualities that allow a perfect viewing and make the mounting process easy.

Analyzing samples under the microscope is an essential part of any laboratory's activity. This is why choosing the right slides can speed the process of sample analysis and also lead to more quality information. Choosing the Alkali Scientific frosted glass microscope slides guarantees:

  • Quick labeling. The frosted end of the glass allows researchers to label their sample with pencils, erase the label and rewrite on the same slide;
  • Smooth mounting. The slides are positively charged to help researchers mount their samples successfully, even if they use thin or powdery substances.
  • Thin slides. Thinner microscope slides lead to a more successful viewing under the microscope, as it does not interfere with the sample as much as slides that have larger dimensions.

Alkali Scientific frosted glass microscope slides are manufactured by ASI and we specialize in research laboratory products. We strive to offer our clients effective and affordable solutions that would improve laboratory research.

Not sure if these microscope slides are right for you? Call us at 888-927-5629 and speak with a product specialist.  We're here to help your research move forward.

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