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Autoclave Sterilization Bags

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Alkali Scientific’s Autoclave Sterilization Bags and Pouches are made of heavy gauge polyethylene material that offers superior puncture-resistance. This material allows the autoclave sterilization bags and pouches to contain waste at temperatures up to 136˚C. Heavy gauge puncture-resistant polypropylene Large white marking area Strong s…

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ASI’s Autoclave Sterilization Bags and Pouches have a large white marking panel that is suitable for use with all types of permanent markers. The white marking panel is very noticeable due to its color that offers background contrast and also due its size and location.

The words “Hazardous Waste” and the “Biohazard” symbol appears on each one of the autoclave sterilization bags and pouches in a visible way. They are also prominently marked with the words “Hazardous Waste” and the standard “Biohazard” symbol, conforming to the OSHA standard (29CFR1910.1030).

Manipulating and storing biohazardous waste is an important aspect of any laboratory. Autoclave sterilization bags and pouches help laboratories by offering:

  • Resistant and flexible material. The heavy gauge polyethylene is one of the strongest type of polyethylene on the market;
  • Good marking area. The white on red marking area is well placed and large enough to be easily detected by anyone;
  • Seamless bottom. This increases the overall integrity of the autoclave sterilization bags;
  • Visible warnings. The “Hazardous Waste” words and the “Biohazard” symbol are clear and large enough to be seen by users.

Autoclave sterilization bags and pouches are a high quality product that each research laboratory must have to make sure that the hazardous waste is properly stored and can be easily transported.

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