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Benchmark Scientific™ B1450 UV Clave Benchtop Ultraviolet Laboratory Sterilizer, 115V

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  • Improves quality of PCR research by reducing potential contaminants
  • Multiple lamps and reflective chamber walls provide true 360° irradiation;
  • Proprietary UVC transparent shelf, eliminates potential for missed coverage (blind spots)
  • Inactivates DNA, RNA, viruses & bacteria on PCR vessels
  • Adjustable cycle time
  • Carefully guard pipettes, tips and other small instruments from the smallest RNA, DNA and microorganism contamination with this benchtop UV-C sterilizer which kills up to 99% of surface contaminants. 

The Benchmark Scientific™ B1450 UV Clave has six (6) 4W UV-C bulbs divided between the top and bottom of the unit radiating at 254nm for full 360 degree coverage and maximum decontamination. To protect from accidental exposure to UV-C light, the B1450 UV Clave will automatically shut off the light cycle when the door has been opened.

Set the exposure time and choose to activate the warm heating cycle for drying instruments that were washed or chemically disinfected before placement in the chamber. For full 360 degree coverage, add the optional clear polycarbonate see through shelf which allows more than 90% of the UV-C rays to penetrate from top to bottom.

The B1450 UV Clave comes with two stainless steel wire racks. A third rack can be purchased as well Due to the hazardous nature of UV-C, only sales to commercial customers and laboratories are permitted.

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UV Bulbs: 6 x 4W
UV Wavelength: 254nm
UV Intensity: +500µW/cm² (center of chamber)
UV Dosage: 600mJ/cm2 (20 min cycle)
UV Timer: 5-20 min. (5 min. increments)
Heater Timer: 30 -120 min. (30 min. increments)
Heater Temp.: 55°C
Internal Dims.: 8.5x10.1x12.2 in / 21.6x25.6x31.8 cm
External Dims.: 11.5x10.5x15.7 in / 29.2x26.7x40 cm
Max. Height: 30 cm
Shelf Dims.: 10 x 8 in / 25.4 x 20.3 cm
Shelf Material: 2 Stainless steel wire / 1 UV-C transparent
Weight: 11lbs. (5kg)
Electrical: 120V 60HZ or 230V 50HZ - 110W
Warranty: 2 Years
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