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Benchmark Scientific B2410 BeadBath Duo 10L Dual Function Water and Bead Bath With Hinged Lid, 115V

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While bead baths and water baths may look very similar and perform similarly, each uses a different heating mechanism to provide a uniform temperature.  Because of the differences in how they heat, it has not been easy for a lab to simply convert their current water bath into a bead bath. The new Benchmark Scientific B2410 BeadBath Du…

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Unlike other baths, this series contains a "MODE" control button to switch between "Water" and "Bead" mode. Choosing the correct mode will automatically adjust the operation and balance of the multiple internal heating and sensing elements to ensure optimal performance. Many laboratories prefer the convenience of bead baths due to many advantages over standard water baths. Advantages: Saves Time: Bath can be left running constantly with no burn-out Clean: Reduces the risk of contamination More energy efficient No need for tube/bottle racks No evaporation, no refilling Angled tube incubations BeadBath Duo™ Features: Two separate modes for beads or water Quik-Cal™, simple in-lab calibration function Offers all of the advantages of a "bead bath" Eliminates constant refills Easy securing of tubes and bottles without accessories Allows angled incubations Runs contain: No wait for heat-up
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