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Classic™ Sterile, Racked Pipet Tips, Universal Fit

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Alkali Scientific Classic STERILE RACKED pipette tips are deisgned to fit a wide variety of research grade pipettors.  Standardized fit and a stable rack make this the tip of choice for many MULTICHANNEL users.  Often, competitor tips won't align during Multichanneling.  Eliminate this frustration with our Classic series tip. 

Tips are standard 9mm "on center" to ensure a perfect fit.  Semi-flexible walls and a series of subtle sealing rings help ensure a secure fit to improve overall pipetting accuracy.  Seating tips and ejecting tips becomes an easier task with Alkali Scientific STERILE RACKED pipette tips.  

• Fine Point Design
• Certified Rnase, Dnase & Pyrogen Free
• Universal Fit on research grade standard shaft pipettors
• Ultra Clear Polypropylene, clear, yellow, blue
• Withstands organic solvents
• Low-Retention
• Pre-Sterile, shinkwrapped. No need to autoclave
• each rack is Lot# identified

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