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NextPette™ Pipettor

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NextPette's materials and components were carefully selected to minimize weight and ensure durability and a long service life. 

The pipettors have also been designed with service in mind. They are easy to disassemble, and seals are easy to replace. Silicone lubricant is included with each pipettor. Recalibration can be done in the lab - no tools are required and the instruction manual includes full details on how to properly check pipetting accuracy and how to recalibrate if necessary.

  • NextPette™ variable volume pipette 0.1 to 1.0µL
  • Ergonomic design is ideal for use in high volume laboratories
  • Adjust volume easily with just one hand, while still being able to see the large 4-digit display
  • Comfortable stroke distance for all hand sizes
  • Individually tested for accuracy according to EN ISO 8655
  • Sold individually
  • Bulk Bag 250/pack for P9700-T5M, and 100/pack for P9700-T10M
  • Macro Set P9700-MARCO Includes: P9700-20 (20 to 200ul), P9700-1000 (100 to 1000ul), P9700-5M (1 to 5ml), P9700-10M (1 to 10ml), P9700-CAR (Carousel).
  • Micro Set P9700-MICRO Includes: P9700-10 (0.5 to 10ul), P9700-20 (2 to 20ul), P9700-200 (20 to 200ul), P9700-1000 (100 to 1000ul), P9700-CAR (Carousel).


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