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Protein markers 4 x 250 µl, 2kDa-220kDa, 200 lanes


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BrightStar Broad Range Blue Protein markers SDS-PAGE Standards contain seven recombinant proteins with molecular weights of 220kDa, 105kDa, 71kDa, 50kDa, 35kDa, 16kDa, & 2kDa.

All bands are prestained blue. The 2kDa band is generally used as an electrophoresis front indicator. Furthermore, the protein markers can be used in Western Blotting with PVDF, nylon or nitrocellulose membranes. This protein standard can be used to monitor the separation of proteins during SDS-PAGE, to verify the efficiency of Western Blotting, and to estimate the size of target proteins on SDS-PAGE or Western Blots. Recommended Procedure Take out BrightStar standards from -20 and thaw. Ready-to-use if stored in 4 degree refrigerator.

DO NOT BOIL. Product can be used in Pre-Cast and hand cast Acrylamide gels. *Western Blotting Mini Gel: Apply approximately 5ul of standards per well into a mini-gel. To visualize the pre-stained standards after blotting, load 10ul for large gels and 5ul for mini gels. To visualize the standards during electrophoresis load 20ul for large gels and 10ul for mini gels. *Western Blotting Large Gel: Apply approximately 10ul of standards per well into a Large gel.

**These loading volume recommendations are intended for gels of 0.75mm thickness. For thicker gels the recommended loading volumes should be increased accordingly Storage BrightStarª protein standards can be stored for 12 months at -20°C or - 80°C, in a constant temperature freezer. Avoid multiple freezing/thawing. For long-term usage, aliquoting is recommended. Shipping Conditions On Blue Ice or Dry Ice

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