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PURELAB® Flex 3 - Complete Kit, Includes LC214, LC145 & CFCBYT304418 (Tap To 18.2 Megohms)


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Powerful, compact and flexible ultrapure water delivery.

Ideally suited for: Mass Spectrometry, Molecular biology, Electrochemistry, Atomic Spectroscopy, Liquid Chromatography, Cell cultures, Gas Chromatography, Immunochemistry, Spectrophotometry, Media / Buffer prep, General chemistry.


  • Provides a reliable supply of: Type 1, 2 & 3 water.
  • Space saving design  The compact unit can be placed on the bench or can be wall mounted and has an integrated 7 liter reservoir filled by a 10 l/hr RO membrane, ensuring that water is always available.
  • Fully Recirculating  Ensuring the highest microbial purity and guaranteeing pure water at the point-of-use as recirculation of the water occurs from the reservoir right to the point of use.
  • Real-time TOC Monitoring  Provides complete confidence in organic purity and clear display at all times. The final quality sensor is placed at the entry of the flexible dispenser giving you peace of mind.
  • Flexible dispenser  The intuitive dispenser offers a clear display of the water purity for absolute confidence as you dispense.
  • Easy to maintain  The front doors ensure easy access to the consumables, making them quick and easy to replace.
  • Data capture  Data capture via USB for system performance validation and software updates.
  • The starter kit includes the LC214 (DI Pack), LC145 (Point of use Filter) & CFCBYT304418 (Tap To 18.2 Megohms)
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