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Upright Stainless-Steel Freezer Rack for Mixed Storage of 2″,3″ and 3.75″ Standard Boxes, 22 1/8 x 6 1/2 x 51 1/2"


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The Upright Stainless Steel Freezer Rack for Mixed Storage is a versatile and robust solution designed to accommodate a variety of standard box sizes, including 2", 3", and 3.75" heights. This innovative rack system is ideal for laboratories seeking a flexible storage option that can adapt to different sample sizes and types, all while ensuring optimal organization and accessibility within upright freezers.

Product Features:

  • Versatile Storage Compatibility:Specifically engineered to hold a mix of box heights, this freezer rack allows for the organized storage of 2", 3", and 3.75" standard boxes. Its adaptable design facilitates the efficient management of diverse sample collections, making it perfect for laboratories with a wide range of storage needs.
  • Premium Stainless-Steel Construction:Crafted from high-quality stainless steel, this upright freezer rack offers unmatched durability and resistance to the harsh conditions of freezer environments. The stainless-steel material ensures corrosion resistance, longevity, and easy cleaning, providing a reliable storage solution for sensitive laboratory samples.
  • Maximized Space Utilization:The rack's upright design optimizes vertical space within freezers, enhancing storage capacity without compromising ease of access. This efficient use of space is crucial for laboratories with limited storage areas, enabling the accommodation of more samples in a structured manner.
  • Easy Access and Retrieval:Designed with user convenience in mind, the rack features an open architecture that allows for easy insertion and removal of storage boxes. This accessibility significantly improves workflow efficiency, enabling quick and hassle-free access to stored samples.
  • Sturdy and Stable Storage:The robust construction of the rack ensures stability and security for stored boxes, minimizing the risk of accidental displacement or tipping. This stability is essential for maintaining the integrity of precious laboratory samples.
  • Compatibility with Upright Freezers:The rack's dimensions are tailored for compatibility with a wide range of upright freezer models, making it a versatile addition to any laboratory. Its universal design ensures easy integration into existing storage setups.
  • Enhances Laboratory Organization:By facilitating the mixed storage of different box sizes in a single rack, this stainless-steel freezer rack significantly aids in the organization and categorization of samples. This organized approach streamlines sample retrieval, reducing time spent searching for specific items and thereby enhancing overall laboratory productivity.


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