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Xtreme™ High-Strength Sealing Film, 100/Pk


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Xtreme™ High-Strength Sealing Film, 100/Pk

Xtreme™ Seal features an extra-strong thick adhesive to minimize evaporation, yet removes easily without leaving residue on the plate.

Features chamfered corners to eliminate plate overhang for robotics applications and tight storage conditions.

  • Certified DNase- & RNase- free
  • Ideal for use with raised-rim and non-skirted PCR plates
  • Available in a larger cut for flat-top semi-skirted and full-skirted PCR plates: eXTReme Seal, Large

Helpful Tips:

  • Selection of the proper film size will minimize evaporation
  • The film should not overhang or ride up the wall of a raised-rim plate
  • More complete coverage of skirted flat-top plates will reduce evaporation in the outer wells
  • End-tab removal before thermal cycling is highly recommended
  • 100/PK


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